Welcome to Photographic Sun Prints

Discover the Secret of Making Photographic Sun Prints
Right in Your Own Backyard!

Bubblink Ltd. can provide you with the necessary film negatives
for making an Heirloom Family Photo Quilt or Portrait Pillow
Gramma's Graphics, Inc. can supply you with
the necessary Sun Print Kit for sensitizing your fabric.

See what creative people have done with the negatives we provide. Click on any of these pictures to see a full-size photo. From left to right they are: a vest with sun prints, the back of the vest with sun prints, a sun print in a needlepoint pillow, and several sun prints in a keepsake quilt.

The 6 Step Sun Print process is simple, fun, and results in amazingly clear prints.

  1. Wash and iron fabric.
  2. Mix solutions and paint fabric in a darkened room.
  3. Hang to dry.
  4. Layer fabric, negative, and clear glass. IMPORTANT! Due to the process involved in making the negatives, your photo may not be perfectly straight on the negative. You can straighten the photo on the fabric, BUT any area not covered by the negative when exposed to the light will also be on your finished fabric. We recommend that you cover any area you do not want to print with black construction paper (or something equally opaque) that will not allow the light to expose the fabric.
  5. Expose in the sun in your own backyard.
  6. Rinse and hang to dry.

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