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Customer Commitment

Bubblink Ltd. Mission Statement
  • We care about our customers and treat them with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  • We give personal attention to our customers' needs and fulfill them as quickly as we can.
  • We strive for the finest quality, following our customers' instructions to the best of our abilities and to the limits of our techniques.
  • We offer the lowest possible prices, consistent with top quality and service and with sound business practices.
  • We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to growth and progress.
The Company

Bubblink was established in the spring of 1995 by Linda "Bubbles" Eichhorn to provide electronic pre-press services for the label printing industry in Rochester, NY.

Since then Bubbles has expanded Bubblink to include electronic publishing services for the World Wide Web.

In July of 1997 Bubbles completed the purchase of Donnelly Offset Supply and Donnelly Offset Negatives which expanded Bubblink to include traditional pre-press services and also provided Bubblink a location in the heart of downtown Rochester, central to Bubblink's existing and newly acquired customers. With the purchase of this company Bubblink incorporated under the name Bubblink Ltd.

Based on Experience

Prior to establishing Bubblink, Bubbles worked as an Art Director at a local label printing house for 14 years creating art work and films to support a variety of printing processes, and in many cases developing the methods and procedures that are still being used to ensure quality printing today.

Contacting Us

Bubblink Ltd.
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